Howdy, #eventorganisers out there! I was searching through some event industry trends and took some notes… All in all, it took me a few hours… So I thought for the sake of saving you all some precious time (something we all need from time to time), I summarised my takeaways in a 100-second video 🎬 ⬇
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PS. also since research shows 65% of us learn better with visuals…

In the video, I have covered mainly four subjects, which are intertwined:

Although people are changing event strategies post-pandemic, hybrid events are still popular. Since only 42% of attendants actually finish an entire event, something definitely needs to be done with engagement! Successful event organizers of virtual and hybrid events concentrate on avoiding “zoom fatigue” and engaging their audience. Many take advantage of the benefits of technology and data (AI), to better understand audiences and then connect people based on their interests. Especially since valid connections are one of the top priorities to attend events these days. In second place comes great entertainment!

Hence, if you should focus on anything for 2022 is to provide transformational event experiences for your audience.🤩


This video is created as a part of an assignment at Noroff and is my personal takeaways on where the #eventindustry is heading. Hope you find them useful!

I would also love a discussion about this! Please comment if you agree, disagree, or would like to add something 🤗


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