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The latest Tom Cruise summer blockbuster,

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

, is not as successful as his other recent hits. And while he’s had a few not-well received to mediocrely-received releases like Oblivion or The Mummy, one movie that many believe to be an underrated gem of his is the 2014 sci-fi war film Edge of Tomorrow aka Live/Die/Repeat. The film comes from Bourne Identity director Doug Liman and co-starred Emily Blunt as Rita, as someone who would train Cruise’s character in the mech-suit.The film debuted to less-than-stellar numbers, and anything involving adding to it for a franchise has not been moving forward. The film has a cult following and a sequel could be in the works if enough people make noise. According to The Hollywood Reporter Emily Blunt would love a sequel. Blunt appeared on the Happy, Sad, Confused

Podcast where she revealed that a script for a sequel exists. There was one that I sort of slithered to. I would love to see it become a reality, but I don’t know how or when. Cruise’s character in Edge Of Tomorrow[Liman] was a very apprehensive person who tried to escape the action. The plot involved a Groundhog day-twist, where Cruise’s character would have to relive the beginning of each day after being killed in battle. Blunt then jokes that Cruise should come back to the side of the film where he can be…like wasn’t he brilliant in his role as the cowardly heroine? Incredible.”[Cruise] Blunt enthusiastically declared that she is “so ready”

to do another film in that world and added that she is “not the impediment, I promise.”As Blunt works with names like Cruise and Dwayne Johnson as well as being in projects like Oppenheimer, the British actress doesn’t consider herself a movie star. “I think most people want to be considered an actor . I just think, to me, a movie star sounds sort of too separate of what we kind of started out doing and why we love it and why I love it.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8Bz-rrADVQ

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch