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Mattel Films has described the upcoming Barney film as “surrealistic”, akin to an “A24” movie. As the feature-length Barbie adaptation awaits its release on the big screen, Barney is in the shadows. We have moved it to the top our most anticipated movies list now that we know Baby Bop is decapitated due to a walnut allergy. Kevin McKeon, Mattel Films Vice President, told The New Yorker that

“We’re leaning in to the millennial angst rather than fine-tuning the property for kids…It’s a really play for adults.” It’s not R-rated but it will focus on the trials and tribulations that come with being thirtysomething and growing up with Barney. Just the level of disenchantment among the generation…It’d be so daring and really highlight that we’re here for art.” “With our modern take of Barney, we want to inspire the next generations to listen, care and dream big. We believe that parents who will fondly recall the original Barney as a child will also love the show. Their first production,


, is on the verge of a potential $80 million opening later this month, while the Barney, Hot Wheels

, Masters of the Universe

and American Girl movies are headed our way. The brand has a wide range of properties to choose from. Robbie Brenner, Mattel’s producer, said: “In the world in which we live, I.P. Pre-awareness is so important.” Pre-awareness is so important.” So, yes, that means anything owned by Mattel is in the game table. As per another, “Look, my children and I played UNO each night during the pandemic. I love it…Is UNO a movie? I don’t know!”Barbie arrives in theaters on July 21st. But no matter how over-the-top it looks, there’s not a chance that it could top the image of Barney partaking in pagan rituals in his own movie.Based on Mattel’s description above, are you looking forward to the Barney movie? Let us know below!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCYoucd71qc

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch