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The latest campaign from the nonprofit will help break cycles of poverty by supporting programs that foster empowerment, leadership, educational access, and economic opportunities for young people

NEW YORK, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Comic Relief US today launched the Kids Relief campaign with a new experience Kids Relief Presents: Solarpunk Simulator on the social gaming platform Roblox. The launch will be supported by a virtual concert within the experience on April 7th from Platinum singer, songwriter, and producer BoyWithUke who became a Tik Tok sensation after launching his minute-long song series. Comic Relief US is one of the first nonprofits to build a standalone world on Roblox, which reaches Generation Alpha and Generation Z audiences.

Kids Relief, a new, year-round campaign, will support young people’s ability to drive change in their lives and their communities. It will raise funds across multiple digital platforms, via live stream fundraisers with content creators, branded in-experience activations, and native transactions enabling youths to support Kids Relief through participating in the experience. Funds raised support programs and initiatives that break the cycle of poverty by fostering empowerment, leadership, access to education, and economic growth opportunities for young people.

“Today we’re launching a campaign that empowers young people to create change through gameplay and rallies young people to join influencers and artists in a powerful way to make a difference,” said Alison Moore, CEO of Comic Relief US. “Kids Relief will give young people the chance to make a difference by engaging them where they are and on platforms they love like Roblox. This campaign is creating a unique and significant connection between Comic Relief US and younger generations that truly harnesses the power of entertainment for good.”

Available today, any Roblox user can play Kids Relief Presents: Solarpunk Simulator, which is set in a 3D future world where nature, technology, and people live in harmony. Users will learn the power of collaboration, working for the collective good as they meet visitors from another planet and help build a spaceship that will take everyone on a galactic adventure. As users progress through the experience, they will meet up with some of their favorite celebrities and influencers like Jack Black, who will play the spaceship captain and help users on their quest. The world also includes a store where users can get power-ups for themselves or everyone in-experience, coveted “v-erchandise” to give their avatars one-of-a-kind looks, and tools providing special abilities. The experience was designed by Comic Relief US partner WonderWorks Studio.

“Comic Relief US has been an incredible partner, committed to innovation and creativity that puts young people in the driver’s seat as agents for change,” said Zach Letter, CEO at Wonder Works Studio. “We’re so excited to launch one of the first virtual worlds for a nonprofit and be pioneers in gaming for good, partnering with causes and brands to make a significant impact by creating opportunities for youths to help other young people gain access to education, leadership and empowerment programming.”

Users can also join a virtual and interactive concert event launching on April 7th from Platinum artist and TikTok sensation BoyWithUke, who will perform inside the experience. BoyWithUke has amassed over 7 million followers on TikTok with his hit song Toxic and minute-long song series. Performing through his avatar on Roblox, BoyWithUke will build and create awareness for Kids Relief.

“I’m really excited to join with Comic Relief US and Roblox to give fans a virtual music experience with a positive message,” said BoyWithUke. “Playing a concert like this inside a virtual world where we are empowering young people to get involved and help other kids is really inspiring, and I am happy my music can connect all of us.”

Kids Relief is the first Comic Relief US campaign launched via support from its Innovation and Growth Fund, which has a goal of raising $10 million in operational funding over 3 years to support new and innovative campaigns that can generate $1 billion in social impact solutions that break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in the US and around the world.

To learn more about Kids Relief click here. To play Kids Relief Presents: Solarpunk Simulator on Roblox, click here.

About Comic Relief US

Comic Relief US harnesses the power of entertainment to drive positive change to create a just world free from poverty. The nonprofit has raised over $380 million by mobilizing donors of all ages to engage with causes through powerful content-driven campaigns and new digital platforms. Since 2015, Red Nose Day, Comic Relief US’ signature campaign to end child poverty has fundraised over $324 million and positively impacted over 31 million children in the US and around the world. Donations are invested in grantee partners and social impact programs that ensure children are safe, healthy, educated and empowered and that address the root causes of poverty in communities most impacted. Comic Relief US, also known as Comic Relief, Inc., is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity. For more information about Comic Relief US and its impact, visit Follow @ComicReliefUS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Comic Relief US Launches New Initiative, Kids Relief Campaign with Original Experience on Roblox and Concert with Platinum Artist BoyWithUke

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