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Eva Hamilton and Stacey Nelkin star in The Shed, a horror short film that has secured a distribution deal with Cinedigm

In 2021, Eva Hamilton – whose acting credits include roles in Death Kiss and the upcoming Mutilator 2 – co-founded a production company called The Mooncats, with Stacey Nelkin of Halloween III: Season of the Witch on board as a creative executive. The Mooncats’ first project is the short horror movie TheShed. The company has announced that they have signed an non-exclusive deal with Cinedigm! As part of this deal, The Shed will be featured in the next season of Bloody Bites, a collection of horror shorts that are released through the Screambox streaming service.

Described as “a grounded, anchored and suspenseful tribute to the 35mm Horror Films of the late 1970s and early 1980s”, The Shed stars Hamilton and Nelkin. The 22-minute short follows Whitney as she attempts to balance the financial and emotional burdens of Adult Service. After seeing an advertisement for a House Sitter posted by a Christian counselor, Whitney pursues the opportunity to house-sit in a luxury log cabin in the country. The eccentric and superficial charms of the advertiser Barbara make Whitney uncomfortable as they travel to a remote location in the idyllic countryside. After a quick tour of the house, Whitney is left alone and nervous in the darkness. Whitney slowly begins to realize “something” is wrong. After a few drinks of wine and a joint she is horrified to find out that she is not the only one. She is faced with a perverse, squalid predator. Whitney, as she fights for her own life, slowly uncovers a malignant and devious plan crafted by a desperate, merciless Mother who will do anything to “feed” her child. Will Whitney survive the assault? Will Whitney be able fight Barbara and defeat two deranged perpetrators in The Shed? The Shed

‘s fiery, synthesized climax will tell the story. I watched the short and enjoyed it. It has a good retro vibe and a lot of nods to classic horror films, including Stacey Nelkin’s presence. It was great to see her in a horror film again, as she hasn’t acted much in the past couple of decades. The Shed is definitely worth checking out when it’s available on Screambox.Are you interested in

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Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch