LOS ANGELES, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Netflix’s new series Gunther’s Millions is a show unlike anything we have seen since the dawn of Tiger King. Its bizarre and gritty subject matter keeps viewers glued to the screen as they ask, “can it get any crazier?” And crazier it does!

The buzzworthy series, which premiered February 1st, expands the story of Gunther the VI (German Shepherd worth $400m), and his puppet master, Italian tycoon, Maurizio Mian. Once again, a man from Pisa has paved a new way for unconventional brilliance the same way Pisa’s own Galileo Galilei did centuries ago.

As Gunther’s caretaker, Mian has dipped toes and paws into the NFT business with a planned collection called “Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection.” A private island dubbed Leaf Cay, formerly owned by Nicolas Cage, is also being bought by Gunther. The purchase price? Well, Maurizio can tell you that.

With the purchase of Leaf Cay, Mian and The Gunther Corporation plan to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, pursuing animal welfare initiatives, and diversifying Gunther’s assets. 

Focusing on a nearly half-billion-dollar inheritance left for Gunther, the tale behind Gunther’s Millions revolves around the dog’s escapades masterminded by Mian, in relation to the neuropsychoanalysis of his research. From these studies, a more concrete understanding of emotional human behavior is hoped to be achieved through unseen lenses.

Gunther and his estate – originally owned by a mysterious German Countess shrouded in secrecy – was the sole beneficiary to one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical giants responsible for the osteoporosis medication, Fosamax. The dog was left in the care of Mian after the Countess’ abrupt death, and with no husband, children, or close relatives to manage her wealth, Mian (a family friend) was chosen based on his strange yet sharp brilliance to manage her estate. 

What ensued were turned heads, mobs of fans, global press, celebrity ties, rare sports cars, mega yachts, “free love” nightclubs, tax evasion, cult pop bands, pornstar-lead soccer teams, Madonna’s Miami Beach mansion, and intricately enough, a three-decade long research project on the pursuit of happiness. 

Surprisingly, this is the tip of the iceberg as Gunther’s story is not over, nor is the lineage of canine worth more than their collective weight in gold. 

Gunther’s Millions is streaming on Netflix.

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