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Bruce Campbell thinks Freddy and Jason should be added to Evil Dead: The Game, while Ted Raimi suggests one of his characters

After the release of Freddy vs. Jason back in 2003, New Line Cinema wanted to make a sequel to the film that would have seen Freddy and Jason doing battle with Ash Williams, the heroic character Bruce Campbell plays in the Evil Dead franchise. Freddy, Jason, and Ash was never to be. Campbell, along with his fellow Evil Dead right holders, franchise creator Sam Raimi, and producer Rob Tapert, decided that they did not want Ash to appear in any sequels to other franchises. They wanted to make Evil dead projects independently. Campbell suggested that now that Evil Dead : The Game has been released, Freddy, Jason, and Ash can happen in game world. They just need to make Freddy and Jason playable characters. Ted Raimi also has a suggestion for a new character to be added to the game. His Ash Vs. Evil Dead character Chet Kaminsky!

During an interview with AV Club, Campbell was asked if he would be interested in having Ash appear in a Mortal Kombat game. Campbell replied: “No. I don’t like Ash appearing in other peoples’ games. Other creatures, like Freddy and Jason, should be included in the Evil dead video game. You should be able play as Freddy. You should be allowed to play as Jason, and then Ash can fight the bad guys. The video game format makes it much more inviting. You can then make a deal with whomever to get Freddy’s likeness and character, and you let the game company do those deals. That’s what i would do. They need to come to our house.” They need to come to our house.

So his “Ash in other games” stance is the same as the “Ash getting mixed into other horror franchises” stance.Meanwhile, Ted Raimi has taken to social media to ask fans to get in contact with the game’s developers to let them know they would like to see Chet Kaminski get added into Evil Dead: The Game

:Ted Raimi has played multiple roles in the Evil Dead franchise. In addition to his role as Chet in Ash Vs. Evil Dead he played a “Fake Shemp”, a stand-in for the original film. He was Possessed Henrietta, in Evil Dead I and a Cowardly Warrior, as well as Ash’s S-Mart colleague in Army Of Darkness

. What do you think about these character suggestions? Would you like to add Freddy, Jason and/or Chet into Evil Dead The Game

? While we wait to find out what the future holds for the Evil Dead Game the new film Evil Dead rise has already hit the theatres. You can read the review HERE.

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch