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Royal composer Olga Thomas, author of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee music album, to the Queen of The Most Expensive – Debbie Wingham – for her new reality TV show The Most Expensive on Gossip Stone TV.

August 10, 2022 – London, Great Britain – Debbie Wingham, celebrity British Artist is in full swing on the production of her show The Most Expensive on Gossip Stone TV.  Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Bulgari, all the international symbols of chick and luxury – this is the world of the Queen of all that is most expensive in the world. The world of wealth and fame attracts the curiosity of the public with its inaccessibility and exclusivity. What could be more appropriate? Real Royal music, of course!

The Platinum Jubilee held in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II only a month ago for her 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom was the occasion for the release of the Royal Jubilee Celebration album by Olga Thomas, composer and patron of British Monarchists Society.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Olga Thomas

Her music had such an effect on the heart and mind of Gossip Stone TV CEO and producer Victoria Unikel, that she decided to link the royal and luxury theme running throughout the show The Most Expensive, that this music must be present in the show to bookend each episode by accompanying the title and closing sequences. This music was graciously allowed to be used in the show by the author, Olga Thomas, herself. Gossip Stone TV, as an American TV channel, is honored to extend this tribute to the Queen as a sign of their great respect for British culture and tradition.

Debbie Wingham Gossip Stone TV
The Most Expensive reality TV show by Debbie Wingham

The star of this Gossip Stone TV show, Debbie Wingham, is herself a member of this exclusive world. For the first time ever, she will pull back the curtain and share with the viewers the secrets of the most expensive creations and of their owners.

Debbie Wingham on Gossip Stone TV
Debbie Wingham hosting The Most Expensive show on Gossip Stone TV

Debbie is known as the queen of the most expensive and is the only person who has access to the elite and off-limits places and homes of the elites. She is a world-renowned artist who started her career in haute couture and went on to conquer such different categories as dressmaking, purse construction, painting, and creating super-realistic cakes as a sugar artist. Her masterpieces costs tens of millions of dollars. 

Debbie Wingham press
Debbie Wingham in the press

Can you imagine a cake for $74 million? Yes, this cake was made by Debbie! Shoes for $15 million? Of course – its Debbie Wingham. A self-confessed advocate for all things over-the-top and larger than life creations, she switches between genres effortlessly and has a sizable global following after racking up 50 TV shows and 100 magazine covers among her accomplishments.

Debbie Wingham on Gossip Stone TV
Debbie Wingham hosting The Most Expensive show on Gossip Stone TV

Back to the Royal story – Olga Thomas, the Royal composer, has had a lifelong admiration and passion for the Royal family. Some years ago, the charity Cruse Bereavement Support began a unique music program, a tradition to give their patron, Her Majesty the Queen, special gifts of music composed by Olga to commemorate the important events in the life of the Royal Household. Since then, she has composed an impressive 15 pieces and has been lucky enough on three occasions to meet the Queen.

For the first time, Olga Thomas is delighted to bring together all her Royal compositions into one album release, which is titled Royal Platinum Jubilee Celebration with Olga Thomas. It is a true celebration of the Queen’s lifelong dedication and life’s work as a Monarch.

Olga Thomas Sky News
Olga Thomas on Sky News

The album includes Cruse’s anthem ‘Restoring Hope’, ‘Themes of Life and Glory’, a tribute to The Queen Mother, ‘Royal Wedding (Celebration)’, an orchestral piece written to mark the marriage of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Other pieces include the anthem ‘Jubilation’ for the Diamond Jubilee, performed by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Portsmouth (Royal Band) and Wynne Evans on vocals. They have also recorded ‘Royal Lullaby’, a gift for Prince George as well as ‘Lullaby for Princess Charlotte’ featuring British Soprano Emily Haig.

Also included are Thank You Very March (I and II), Tribute and Regent’s University London Theme, all arranged and performed by the Royal Marines Band Portsmouth (Royal Band). Another stunning track on the album is ‘By My Side’ featuring Number One classical crossover soprano Joanna Forest, which reached No 1 in the Classical Charts.

The Album also features ‘Royal Platinum Love Song’ which also reached number One in the Classical Charts and again features Joanna Forest along with Australian tenor and West End sensation Daniel Koek. ‘Royal Hollywood Love Song’ was another beautiful piece, released for the wedding of Prince Harry and MeghanMarkle, this track was produced by Robert Emery and featured a 72-piece live orchestra, a true cinematic masterpiece!

Royal Platinum Jubilee celebration with Olga Thomas
Royal Platinum Jubilee celebration with Olga Thomas

Olga’s latest release The Four British Nations went straight to Number One last month in the classical iTunes chart. The single was commissioned by The British Monarchists Society and was part of a double single release specifically to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It featured British Soprano Lesley Garrett, Baritone Rodney Earl Clarke as well as the London Community Gospel Choir. All of these amazing songs are on this magnificent album and all released together for the first time, in what is a fitting tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.

“The Four British Nations music release is the sterling example of modern classical music and I’m so happy and proud that this music will be featured in the Gossip Stone TV channel show The Most Expensive by Debbie Wingham”, says Victoria Unikel.

Gossip Stone TV will launch on ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple+ TV in September, and on iOS/Android by the end of the year. Other shows coming to Gossip Stone TV include Ari Global Show featuring celebrity interviews with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Samuel Jackson, Emma Stone, and Gerard Butler. Also coming to the channel are Hypno Challenge, pitting the top hypnotists and mentalists against tough social challenges, and Seduce Like A Spy, deconstructing the techniques used by spies, swindlers, and confidence men to manipulate, seduce, and influence their marks.

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