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The first actual weekend of Gran Turismo and the sixth weekend of Barbie are both eyeing between $15-$17 million this weekend

Numbers have begun to roll in and it looks like Gran Turismo will stick to its underwhelming tracking of $15-$17 million after pulling in an estimated $8 million on Friday, which includes the $5.3 million made over the past two weeks of preview screenings. The film has received decent reviews, earning a 60% score on rotten tomato. Chris Bumbray also gave a solid 8/10 rating. The film’s audience score is currently at 98% and its reported $60 million budget are the two most important factors. These numbers suggest that the film may have some decent legs during the doldrums in August/September box office and possibly see a slow burn towards a decent final number. This opening was not good enough. I will not sugarcoat it.

With a low opening of Turismo there’s a possibility that Barbie, reclaims its throne. The Margot Robbie-fronted film currently looks at a weekend in the $15-17 million range. This week, Barbiesurpassed The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the highest grossing movie of 2023. We still have a few months to go, but I doubt something like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will surprise us all and finish with more money than Barbie. Although I am a genuine fan of James Wan, so I bet Aquaman 2 is probably actually going to be good!

Speaking of the DC universe, extended and regular, Blue Beetle is looking to drop a superhero standard 55-65% for a weekend between $10-$11 million. The worst DC drop was The flash , which suffered a 73% drop in the second weekend. But this is not the word-of-mouth Warner Bros hoped for with their non fascist hero.

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Christopher’s Oppenheimer will keep its streak of small drops week to week with an additional $7.5 – $8 million and a domestic total of just shy of $300 million. This makes the 3 hour biopic, which was too good for Logan Paul (it may be time to stop being hit in the head as much sir), Nolan’s third most successful film at the domestic box-office. Only Dark Knight-andDark Knight Rises-have higher takeaways. The new Liam Neeson actioner,

Retribution, which Chris Bumbray did not enjoy, giving the film just a 4/10 rating, is coming in with just around $3 million. It might be time for Neeson switch gears. The big x factor for the weekend will be tomorrow’s National Cinema Day, where all tickets in all formats for all movies will only cost $4. It’s a great day to take your family to see Teenage Ninja Turtles or Gran Turismo in a premium format. Maybe you can catch Barbie

National Cinema Day

or Oppenheimer again (unless you are Logan Paul in which case, I’m sure SpongeBob squarePants is somewhere on TV). This is not a dig against the pineapple-living underwater sponge. I’m simply saying that their plots aren’t difficult to follow. As of yesterday, the pre-sales for National Cinema Day outsold today’s ticket sales over 700%. Do you plan to go to the theaters on National Cinema Day? If you do, please let us know in the comments what you are planning to see. Don’t forget tomorrow when we will have a complete rundown of this weekend’s box-office numbers.

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch