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Blue Beetle will likely open with less than Shazam, despite possibly securing a first-place finish. Fury of the Gods –

The numbers are starting to come in for the second to last weekend of the Summer movie season. As of right now, the race between Warner Bros’ properties is tight.

DC’s Blue Beetle is expected to narrowly win with what looks like a 25 million opening weekend. This includes the $3.3 Million made from Thursday night previews. That’s about $100,000 less than Shazam. Fury of the Gods was released earlier this year. Both films have a B+ Cinemascore, which is fine. However, the Shazam-sequel dropped nearly 70% in its 2nd week. I’m not sure what Warner Bros expected from this film when they opted for a theatrical release instead of the expected Max debut, but I imagine they were expecting something better. The closest comparison to Shazam is 2019’s version. which earned $53.5 million on its debut. The film is currently certified fresh with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 77%, but its detractors feel that the latest super hero movie doesn’t do enough in order to differentiate itself from all other comic book origin stories that have come out over the past 25 years. James Gunn said that Blue Beale is a character from the revamped DCU which will officially launch in 2025 with the release of his

Superman legacy . If Blue Beale ultimately proves to be another massive failure on the big screen for the DC brand, it may be smart to incorporate the character in that Superman film and then launch a follow-up shortly after. It would be a shame if this character was completely lost, as it has the potential for future adventures. Even if I am one of those people who did not enjoy the initial outing. For a first time since its release one month ago, Barbiecould fall to second place after what is predicted to a $21million fifth weekend. The film is currently ranked 15th on the top domestic list, with just under $544 millions. It should surpass The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s $574.2 within the next week. It’s still early in the day and it depends on how well

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Blue Beale fares today. Barbie is a proven box-office winner, and if Blue beetle hits the wall today, the Margot Robbie-fronted film could land in the top spot for a fifth consecutive week. If Warner Bros owns the top two positions, Universal will be stuck with the third and fourth spots as Oppenheimer-continues to run its historic run at box office. It looks like another $11million for a total domestic running of over $285million. It won’t take long for Oppenheimer to defeat

Inception on the domestic charts, as that film ended with around $293 millions. This film is so good that I cannot praise it enough. This is one of the few films I would call a masterpiece. Universal’s new R-rated raunchy comedies Strays and looks like a miss. The story of foul-mouthed dogs that want to bite Will Forte’s d*ck is cratering at the box office with only $8.5 million in the first weekend. The film’s reported $46 million budget will hopefully help it to recover some of its losses in theaters. Chris Bumbray, who reviewed the film for us, gave it a 7/10 rating and said that the movie was worth the admission price. He had some good belly laughs. I won’t disagree with his assessment, I found the movie to be pretty funny because even after the novelty of seeing dogs curse and say bad words, you still had really great voice performances from Ferrell, Foxx, Isla Fisher and Randall Park that elevated the material.Rounding out the top five will be the Seth Rogan/ Evan Goldberg produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem with another $8.4 million and a running total just shy of $90 million at the domestic box office. We have seen animated movies perform well when given the proper runway for success. Families don’t rush to the theaters to see a film, but if they think it is worth their time and money, then they will eventually go. This is why Mutant Mayhem has been able to collect as much in just three weeks. What do you think of the current numbers for Blue Beattle? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the film if you have seen it. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a complete rundown of the weekend box office numbers.

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