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This weekend, one of the most controversial movies ever will be released. Not because of its content on screen but rather for the behavior of its stars away from the screen. This weekend is going to be a busy one at the cinemas. In addition to strong holdovers such as

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

and The Little Mermaid, there are three new wide releases all aimed at different audiences. The Flash will undoubtedly win the weekend, but by how much? Tracking suggests that the film will reach a mid-$70 million range, which would be slightly higher than the debut of Black Adam ($67 million) but well above Shazam’s debut! Fury of the Gods (31 million) and Shazam! (67 million), both of which have dropped dramatically in the weeks following their release, are now considered box office bombs. This signals the end of the DCEU. Before they were released, both films received a lot of praise. Then it seemed that everyone cut ties. Will The flash share the same fate as ? Warner Brothers has been gushing about Ezra Miller before the release of the film. But once the money is counted, will they change their tune? The more important question is whether the public is aware of the controversy surrounding Ezra Miller, the actor who plays the title role. Movie fans like us are well aware of the allegedly abhorrent actions Ezra Miller is accused of. Some of you might have watched our WTF Episode that we released about Ezra Miller nearly a year back (which was written by me and expertly edited by Taylor James Johnson). The video was released when Warner Brothers was still unsure if they would release The flash

due to Ezra Miller’s headline-making behavior. The answer to this question is that they will release the movie. The studio won’t just eat $220 million before marketing costs (unless they get an hefty tax deduction). The studio cleverly shifted their marketing to play up Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. He hasn’t played the role since 1992’s Batman returns and we weren’t sure that we’d ever see it as he played Batman in a movie that was scrapped,

Batgirl . Keaton’s return as Batman- seemed cursed. Keaton wearing the cape was enough for many to see The Flash – regardless of their feelings about the film’s main star. Critics have hailed it as one the best DC films of recent years, if you exclude films such as The Batman and Joker). which doesn’t seem like a high bar. Miller’s performance has been praised, and to be fair Miller was excellent in both Justice league movies. It will be interesting to watch how this one plays out. Will people rush to the theaters to support someone that has not paid a price for their transgressions. I’m still going to see it tonight, despite all that. Michael Keaton is playing Batman again. The Flash

isn’t the only new release this weekend. We also have Pixar’s Elemental, which looks like an old-fashioned Pixar film. The covid pandemic has hit them hard, with Disney deciding that their films would be released directly on the Disney+ streaming service. This meant that films like Soul andTurning red had a virtually no box-office presence, while creating an audience who expected to see the Pixar’s latest film on streaming. This would lead to 2022’s Toy story spinoff, Can a new, original idea bring the Pixar brand back to its former glory. The last two films released before pandemic were

Toy story 4 which debuted with $120.9 million, and The Incredibles 2

elemental trailer

which debuted with $182.6 millions. These were sequels that were expected to be huge. The last Pixar original concept film was the 2017 Coco, which opened with $50.8 million and went on to gross $210.4 millions domestically ($814.3 in worldwide) Sadly it doesn’t look like Elemental will be hitting those same highs with the film currently tracking to do around $35 million. As we’ve seen with animated films recently, early tracking is often a bit light, as many families don’t buy tickets weeks in advance. They are more likely to walk up to the theater, which will help this film reach at least $40 million. The Blackening is the last wide release of the week. Tim Story is the director of this film. He has directed many hits in the past, including Barbershop and its sequel Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer. The tagline of the film, We Can’t all Die First, is a clever takedown of the idea that the black character in horror films is always the first one to die. With a cast of African American actors, the concept is clever. The film is currently aiming for an opening of around $7 million. This may seem low, but it was only $5 million to produce. If it gets good word-of-mouth, it could be one of summer’s most profitable movies. Has the controversy surrounding Ezra Miller dampened you anticipation for The flash? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check back on Saturday when we have a brief update on the box office numbers.TOP FIVE PREDICTIONS:The Flash$75 MillionElemental$40 MillionSpider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse$30 MillionTransformers: Rise of the Beasts$25 Million

The Little Mermaid$16 Million

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch