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The Black Demon

held the number one spot on Amazon’s ranking for seven days, which has prompted discussion of a sequel. The Black Demon has been the top-ranked movie on Amazon for seven days. This has prompted talk of a sequel. Produced for just under $10 million, The Black Demon may not have received the best reviews upon release, but it’s clear that there’s an audience for the movie.No one has ever seen a genre shark movie with a Latino bent,” Black Demon producer Javier Chapa told THR. “

That was where we saw the chance, given that our company’s ethos focuses on supporting people of color both on and off camera. But also filling a need in our community.“, Chapa said. They are the most aggressive audience for movies, more so than any other group. And to me, it’s the million-dollar question: why aren’t more people making films that are universal but that are by and for that community?Whether the success of

The Black Demon will translate to a sequel remains to be seen, but producers say there has been talk, but that nothing can move forward until the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes conclude.Our own Cody Hamman reviewed The Black Demon earlier this year and called it “middle-of-the-road entertainment” that should have embraced the cheese rather than try to be so serious. Hamman wrote: “

The issue is that if The Black Demon had moments that were so cheesy it should have leaning more into the cheesiness, and overall been sillier,

“. “But the movie is very serious most of time, so it seems that any cheesiness was unintentional. This means that viewers will laugh at the film instead of with it. We’re supposed be scared. We’re supposed to be creeped out.” You can check out the rest of Hamman’s review right here.Would you like to see a sequel to The Black Demon?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcI_4i-3ESA

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch