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Here are some of his best films. Here are some his best films.

Mark Dacascos, who has been on our screens since 1989 has a lot of fighting skills. The man has made a mark with over 80 roles in film, TV, and even videogames. He has a strong martial arts background, having been trained by his father, Al Dacascos who was one of the founders of Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu (WHKD). Mark Dacascos has a reputation as one of the best fighters in Hollywood. This is evident from his many roles. Here are some of our favorite Mark Dacascos films. Only the Strong (1993).

This film, made early in Dacascos’ career but not at the beginning, helped to put him on the map. This capoeira film is where Dacascos really shows off his talent as a martial artist and actor. The film is entertaining and has some interesting story points. The film helped introduce capoeira to US audiences, and gave Dacascos the starring role he deserved. The film is available on streaming but it’s worth a look. It shows how the actor has evolved from his earlier roles to his present roles.

Crying Freeman (1996)

We might have chosen Double Dragon or

The Redemption Kickboxer 5

mark dacascos crying freeman

for his next film, but Crying Freeman was the best and led to his other best film, Brotherhood of the Wolf. This comic book adaptation is loved by some, but the rest have no idea that it exists. The film was directed by Christophe Gans, whose first feature film was this one. Dacascos’s performance as Yo Hinomura (aka Freeman) is excellent. The film may be very 1990s, but Dacascos’ performance is excellent and his martial arts are impressive. The film is entertaining and his work is impressive. This is the film in which he met Julie Condra. Drive (1997) Here Mark Dacascos is an enhanced human. He is on the run and many are searching for him. They want him back under their control, or dead. In this seemingly random film, he teams up with a random guy to survive. One can see why he chose the role, as it is fun, crazy, and brings a lot of energy to the screen. Dacascos’ performance makes the movie more than worth watching for a few hours. Drive

recently received a re-release with all the bells and whistles on Blu for collectors, showing that the film has legs and is still quite loved by action film fans. It’s one of the greatest Mark Dacascos films ever.

best mark dacascos movies, drive

Le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) (2001) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO2jfD0FW_8Possibly THE Mark Dacascos performance here. Dacascos is Mani in this period piece. His tribe was decimated when the French waged war on the locals of what is now Quebec. He was spared because he was the translator of the main character in the film, the Chevalier de Fronsac. They now travel to France to solve a mystery surrounding a beast that is killing the locals. This film is a must see. It’s a period film, an action movie, a horror movie, a fantasy, and much more. Dacascos is able to show off his acting skills and that he’s a badass guy. His first fight against two women armed with metal blades is stunning. The role has been clearly built around him, and he’s given the space to be himself. Mani is not the main character of the film, but his presence can be felt throughout. The film would not have had as much impact without him. It’s evident that the pairing of Christophe Gans and Mark Dacascos produces great cinema. This one has been overlooked by many. Dacascos plays the part with a lot of tongue-in cheek and as a parody to action stars who take themselves too seriously. His work is quirky in the best way, and his fighting style is evident throughout. It’s a fun action film with some of the most bizarre casting choices, but they all work. Dacascos, the bad guy in this film, is a cinematic cliché and acts in a way that can only be described by someone as an extra. The character is silly but it also shows that some people in the industry are too serious. This won’t surprise those who have been following his career for many years. His fans will enjoy watching him go overboard and maybe chew some scenery. This film is a throwback from the direct-to video days of the 1980s, and it is also one of Mark Dacascos’ best.

John Wick – Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019).

The John Wick series has become a favorite of action fans. They love actors who can both act and fight. Dacascos's inclusion in this film is not surprising. He is brought on to be one of Wick's villains, but he is not just introduced as a chef. This can only be an homage to his time in the US version

IronChef. He has a few lines in his character, but nothing too elaborate. His role is to give Wick an opponent worthy of Wick, and he does this very well. He brings his comedic timing and martial arts skills to the role, making it his. Of Course, his career continues to boom, so there will be more great parts from this man. What are your favorite Mark Dacascos films?

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May 9, 2023