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Ari Aster’s

Beau Is Afraid

posted solid numbers for A24. While The Super Mario Bros. movie continues to dominate the box office, A24 has bragging rights as the weekend’s most impressive per-screen average. Variety reports that the film grossed north of $80k on each screen. This is the highest per-screen average for 2023 so far, and A24’s best per-screen performance since Uncut Gems. It grossed $320,396 in just four days, which is an impressive number, especially considering that it was only on four screens. While it remains to be seen if Beau is Afraid can outgross Ari Aster’s other movies, Hereditary ($44 million) or Midsommer ($27 million), this is a slam-bag start for the oddball horror/comedy/drama.Indeed, Beau is Afraid is such a weird movie that the chances of it even beginning to approach the grosses of Aster’s other films seems remote at best. It’s clear, however, that the director has a devoted fan base who are flocking to his latest film. It seems that I’m not the only one who is still unsure about the movie. Rotten Tomatoes has rated it at 75%. It will be interesting to see the audience CinemaScore, which is likely to be revealed only after the movie expands nationally next weekend. Their brand is quality, and even in the post-pandemic era they’ve had a bunch of hits, including Oscar Winners Everything

Everywhere All At Once and The Whale

. Aster himself praised them for investing in Aster’s unconventional three-hour film. So even if it is controversial, they are making art their priority. They’re behind one of my most anticipated Indies of the year, the Von Erich biopic The Iron Claw , starring Zac Efron and TheBear‘s Jeremy Allen White.Beau is Afraid is now playing in limited release and goes nationwide on Friday. Keep an eye out for some interviews we have with the cast coming later this week.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6adedLxeyw

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch