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Beau Is Afraid actor Armen Nahapetian has made the announcement that he is indeed not a work of artificial intelligence.

Beau may be afraid, but actor Armen Nahapetian is more concerned that you think he is a work of artificial intelligence. The co-star of Beau is Afraid has updated his Instagram bio to read: “I’m not AI”. Most actors don’t need to explain themselves.

Armen Nahapetian, however, has faced skepticism even after the premiere of Beau is Afraid. I went to a movie theater a few months ago, and an employee was pointing at a poster saying, “Oh, my god, you’re really real!” Would they have made him buy the ticket using NFTs …?? As soon as the posters appeared on the internet, people began asking What’s up with the kid?

There is certainly a juxtaposition, with Nahapetian looking a bit…well…artificial, at least when compared to the Joaquin Phoenix versions that were also depicted. Many people assumed that it was a digitally aged Phoenix. It didn’t help that one poster had an image of Armen Naapetian with the words “JOAQUIN PHOENix” above. In fairness, Nahapetian does look at least a little bit like a young Joaquin Phoenix in the face (see: 1988’s Parenthood).Armen Nahapetian’s existence has only added to Beau Is Afraid‘s release-after all, it is definitely an epic and trippy movie-with the curiosity translating into respectable box office numbers, with the A24 film taking in $80,000 per screen, which is actually the best average of 2023. So, suck it up, computer-generated Mario!Do you think Armen Nahapetian

looks like an A.I. work? Did you think that he was a digitally aged Joaquin Phoenix? Let us know below!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6adedLxeyw

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch