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The Online Community Geared Towards the Baby Boomer Generation Aims to Champion the Anti-Retirement Movement and Unite Seniors Who Embrace Aging and Seek Further Fulfillment

TUCSON, Ariz., April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Serial entrepreneur Tina Lorenz is announcing the launch of her latest venture, The League of Renegade Boomers™. The League of Renegade Boomers™ is an online community targeting the Baby Boomer Generation that aims to champion the anti-retirement movement and unite seniors who embrace aging and seek further fulfillment. In celebration of the launch, the interactive platform is offering a 14-day free trial at https://www.renegadeboomers.com/trial.

The League of Renegade Boomers™ aspires to be the ultimate community for smart, energized, relevance-obsessed and entrepreneurial-curious renegades over 50. Once inside, members receive weekly live interviews with other “over 50” experts across relevant topics, exclusive challenges and workshops run by experts, weekly coaching calls with live Q&A, a Member Vault with a library of interviews, challenges, and workshops, and community connection via a secure online forum with others who share a similar mindset and purpose. Future plans include Boomer cruises, celebrity-hosted live events, dance parties and luxury retreats. This private community is available through desktop, smartphone, or tablet, making it virtually accessible from anywhere.

Lorenz defines a “Renegade Boomer™” as successful individuals who are past 50 and are looking for inspired and meaningful ways to create the best of their lives now. These are people that are longing to still be seen, heard, and acknowledged as relevant as they grow older. Put simply, they view their age as an advantage, not a liability.

“I created The League of Renegade Boomers™ for those that are looking to continue growing with confidence, purpose, and impact,” says Founder Tina Lorenz. “It is my goal to remove the stigma associated with aging and help my fellow Boomers thrive in their next act.”

The size, growth and impact of the Boomer market is widely known. Globally, the aging population is enlarging, and this group’s participation in the labor market is increasing accordingly. By 2030, people aged 60 and above are expected to outnumber children aged 10 by 60 million, according to Research and Markets, 2022. The same study sites projections estimate a 30% growth in labor participation from the 65+ age group. At global scale, the increase in life expectancy promotes even more age-diverse workforces as well as a delay in retirement.

The League of Renegade Boomers™ is a safe space where members can create meaningful friendships, partner with others who have shared values, and lift each other along the way. Instead of being on the journey of aging alone, The League of Renegade Boomers™ allows members to never feel too old, too late, or too out of step again.

To learn more about The League of Renegade Boomers™ and Tina Lorenz, visit https://www.renegadeboomers.com/. For additional information and to schedule an interview with Tina, contact [email protected].


Tina Lorenz is an unlikely success story: a purple haired grandmother who created a 7-figure business with no previous experience, when she was already past 50. On her own since 17, a domestic violence incident in her 40’s left Tina and her two children homeless – and nearly took her life. Being stalked for years, and with all the odds stacked against her, Tina stood strong – determined to find a path forward for her family.

Tina turned a simple stumbling upon of an article about copywriting into an internal proclamation of success that came to fruition in no time. Despite never having heard of copywriting, having never been paid to write anything in her life and having no degree or training, Tina’s copywriting generated over 4 million dollars in sales within 30-days.

As The Renegade Boomer™, Tina is allying with the world’s most amazing and innovative humans and brands to redefine the ramp up to, and revving down of, retirement – for Boomers and beyond. Now with The League of Renegade Boomers™, Tina is championing the anti-retirement movement and uniting Baby Boomers who embrace aging and are seeking further fulfillment. 

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April 24, 2023