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Ana de Armas, star of No Time to Die, gives her opinion on who should be the next James Bond. Daniel Craig is no longer the agent. Ana de Armas is no stranger to the franchise, having played CIA agent Paloma on

No time to Die

. While sitting down with Wired alongside Chris Evans to promote Ghosted, the actress was asked who should be the next Bond, and she replied… Paul Mescal.Wired: Do you have someone you’d want to be the next Bond?

Chris Evans: I’ll do it.

Ana de Armas: Do you?

Evans: I thought you were going to say the next Bond girl. The joke would have been more funny if you had said the next Bond girl. Then you just said Bond.

De Armas: I think Paul Mescal should be the one.

Evans: Paul Mescal is great. I’m a big Aaron Taylor-Johnson guy.

Paul Mescal has a big career ahead of him; he earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his role in Aftersun

, and he’s playing the lead in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel. Chris Evans’ pick of Aaron Taylor-Johnson has frequently been one of the top picks for the next James Bond, but until something more official is announced… it’s anyone’s game.Related

Ghosted Review
Finding someone who can dedicate themselves to the character over the next decade is difficult. Michael G. Wilson, James Bond producer, said that when asked about the character’s age: “

Ana de Armas can currently be seen starring alongside Chris Evans in Ghosted, a romantic action comedy which debuted on Apple TV+ today. The film follows the salt-of-the earth Cole (Evans), who falls in love with enigmatic Sadie, played by Ana de Armas. However, he discovers that she is a secret agent. You can read a review by our own Alex Maidy here. You can check out a review from our own Alex Maidy right here.

What do you think of Ana de Armas’ pick of Paul Mescal for the next James Bond?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOhpFa9x4ao

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch