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James Wan’s Atomic Monster and Amazon Studios are teaming up to produce an adaptation of the thriller novel 56 Days

Atomic Monster, the production company headed up by genre regular James Wan, is teaming with Amazon Studios to produce a psychological thriller based on the best-selling novel 56 Days, by Catherine Ryan Howard (pick up a copy HERE). The Hollywood Reporter shares the news that Lisa Zwerling and Karyn Usher, who were behind the Starz drama The Rook, are writing the adaptation.

Written by Howard during the pandemic lockdown in Dublin back in 2020, 56 Days is set during that very same lockdown. It tells the tale of an intense erotic love story that turns deadly. It follows two young professionals, striking out on their own in a new city, who are entangled quickly in a charged relationship that leads to a powerful intimacy that is soon cracked open by their secrets … and to murder.

Here’s the book description: No one even knew they were together. One of them is now dead. Ciara and Oliver met in a Dublin supermarket queue and began dating the week COVID-19 reached Irish shores. When lockdown threatened to keep them apart Oliver suggested they move in together. Ciara sees an opportunity to have a relationship flourish without the scrutiny from family and friends. Oliver sees an opportunity to hide who he is and what he does. Today, detectives discover a body in Oliver’s apartment. Can they determine what really happened, or has lockdown created an opportunity for someone to commit the perfect crime?

Zwerling and Usher are executive producing 56 Days with Wan and his Atomic Monster cohorts Michael Clear and Rob Hackett. Howard serves as co-executive producer, and Atomic Monster’s Danielle Bozzone is overseeing the development of the project.

We recently heard that Wan and Atomic Monster are also developing an adaptation of the 1988 bestseller Stinger, written by Robert R. McCammon, for the Peacock streaming service. Yesterday, it became known that a television series set in Wan’s Conjuring Universe was also in development at Max (formerly HBO Max). Wan’s deal to executive produce that series wasn’t closed yet at the time the announcement was made, but it’s difficult to imagine that he wouldn’t end up being involved.

Have you read 56 Days? What do you think about the adaptation by James Wan and Amazon Studios if you have read it? Please leave a comment.

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