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Pioneered by veteran executives from EA SPORTS and DraftKings and backed by a host of hall of famers, including Magic Johnson and Marshall Faulk, SimWin offers sports fans exciting and immersive virtual matches simulated by groundbreaking Athletic Performance AI™ and driving 24/7/365 fantasy sports contests.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SimWin Sports, the world’s first virtual sports league that provides daily fantasy players and esports fans the ability to watch, predict, collect, play, and earn, today announces a strategic partnership with Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform.

As part of the new partnership, SimWin Sports will leverage Immutable’s extensive expertise in the web3 gaming sector, including strategic advisory, marketing assistance, community building, and virtual asset drops.     

SimWin Sports’ first release is a blockchain-based experience that broadcasts virtual American football contests 24/7. The platform offers sports fans on-demand action and numerous possibilities to earn. Spectators can join free-to-play or cash daily fantasy tournaments by drafting their favorite virtual players in contests that pay out as often as every 15 minutes.

SimWin Football fully leverages the unique and innovative nature of digital assets, so every team and player in the game is a digital entity with unique business opportunities. By purchasing rights to digital players, users can become Player Agents and can train their players via special coaching programs that are also driven through collecting and trading amongst the community. Once a player is drafted onto a team, the Agent starts earning their weekly salary as well as performance bonuses, sponsorships, and a cut of the revenue generated from fantasy sports, based on their player’s popularity in drafts.

Celebrity-owned virtual teams are another big attraction of SimWin Football, with legends such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who’s also an investor in the platform, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Tracy McGrady, and LaMelo Ball operating their own teams in SimWin’s virtual sports leagues.

The platform’s founders also boast vast experience in the world of gaming. Namely, CEO/CPO David J. Ortiz has led and contributed to numerous hit games over the past 30 years — including AAA titles like Madden NFL, Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey, NFL Fever, and MLB The Show — that brought him multiple Game of the Year awards and a spot on the 100 Most Influential People in Gaming list.

President and CMO Tom Goedde is a 30-year gaming industry veteran who worked in various disciplines, including video, tabletop, trading card, and real-money gaming stops. Goedde began his career at Humongous Entertainment, the studio behind the cult classic Backyard Baseball, before leading Global Product, Brand & Athlete Marketing at EA SPORTS and most recently serving as Chief Marketing Officer at DraftKings.

“Led by such experienced game veterans as David and Tom and backed by an impressive team of sports legends, SimWin is poised to revolutionize the world of fantasy sports,” said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable. “This is why we are extremely excited to offer Immutable’s extensive expertise to help them reach as many sports fans worldwide as possible and further accelerate the mass adoption of web3 gaming.”

Additional investors in SimWin Sports include Animoca Brands, 1Up Ventures, former NBC Universal and LA Clippers CEO Dick Parsons, and David Levy, ex-head of Turner Networks.

“I am excited to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Immutable. Together, we are embarking on an unprecedented journey to revolutionize the gaming industry by combining SimWin’s cutting-edge Athletic Performance-AI technology, sports simulations, and fantasy gameplay with Immutable’s web3 expertise,” said David Ortiz, SimWin Founder and CEO. “This collaboration will bolster our web3 expertise to benefit SimWin players, and through our shared commitment to innovation, I am confident we will reshape the real money gaming landscape and usher in a new era of immersive, accessible, boundary-breaking experiences for sports fans around the world.”

Behind the scenes, SimWin is a coaching simulator, while the public-facing experience is about tuning in to play fantasy sports 24/7/365. Additionally, fans can become Player Agents and earn salaries for the players they represent.

SimWin Football also features a player training infrastructure where users can receive Gyms, Training Stations, Trainers, and Training Supplements via randomized asset packs that can be used to increase various attributes of virtual players.

Further, owning rights to a SimWin player presents users with the unique opportunity to make money without selling their primary digital assets. Instead, these virtual players generate revenue through salaries, sponsorships, performance bonuses and a cut of the revenue generated by fantasy sports. This ownership-based framework increases fan engagement with the league and amongst the community as players look to increase their revenue generating potential.

All of SimWin Football’s simulations and presentation are run with the help of a unique Athletic Performance AI (AP-AI) that leverages a century of American football data, machine learning and decades of experience developing cutting-edge digital sports titles.To date, AP-AI and the SimWin team have already researched and mined over 10,000 plays, and continues to evolve by monitoring and learning via human input from SimWin’s Hall of Fame coaches, mimicking their strategies, play calling and personnel packages.

Soon, SimWin Football will kick off its very first season, which is a special opportunity since almost all players have already been drafted, so they will start earning money as soon as they are purchased through random pack drops.

Next year, SimWin Sports will expand its web3 gaming offer to other experiences, including soccer, basketball, and cricket.

About Immutable
Immutable is a global leader in gaming on a mission to bring digital ownership to every player by making it safe and easy to build great web3 games.

The Immutable gaming platform makes it easy for game studios and independent developers to safely and confidently build and launch successful games on Ethereum. The product suite includes pre-built solutions, optimised for usability, that help developers get to market faster without sacrificing security or player experience. Builders get personalised web3 guidance, live support for their communities, and access to the largest ecosystem in gaming.

Immutable was the first gaming platform to deliver a zero-knowledge (zk) scaling solution to the Ethereum community and provides developers with multiple zk-based scaling options, including Immutable X, a rollup based on StarkWare technology, and Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon.

Immutable’s in-house gaming capabilities means they know how to build great games first-hand through Immutable Games, a global leader in web3 game development and publishing. Backed by a world-class team who have proven track records of bringing games to millions of players, Immutable Games has pioneered the world’s first blockbuster NFT trading-card game Gods Unchained and is currently building the highly anticipated mobile RPG Guild of Guardians.

For more information, please visit: https://www.immutable.com/

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About SimWin Sports
SimWin Sports is a first-of-its-kind digital sports league, engaging fans in Athletic Performance AI™-driven competitions to fuel 24/7/365 daily, in-play, and season-long fantasy contests. SimWin’s proprietary technology leverages machine learning combined with decades of experience developing cutting-edge digital sports experiences where fans can engage in collecting, trading, and managing virtual players. A minority-owned enterprise, SimWin Sports team owners are some of the world’s biggest celebrities, athletes, and influencers.

Visit us at simwinsports.com and follow us at @simwinsports.

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