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LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As lead curator of Acrisure Arena’s marquee solutions, EMI Strategies (ESI) aimed to develop a program that would stand out from others through the strategic alignment of exposure efficiency and location. The Acrisure marquees were brought to life with a purpose of uniting people with place and providing measurable return for Oak View Group, their partners, the Firebirds, and Acrisure Arena itself.

“Crafting a cross-functional DOOH program for sports and entertainment venues requires a calculated finesse that solves pain points across multiple initiatives without creating new ones. It is a balance of innovation in commercial strategy while ensuring foundational elements are tended to,” ESI Chief Strategy Officer Ariana Diverio said. “Honoring the consumer trust that comes from the nexus of advertising with sports and entertainment is a catalyzing tool for property owners and rights holders in the OOH marketplace that is underdeveloped; this is where we come in.”

After value engineering the assets and determining operational logistics for maximum return, the next key was finding the right partner. ESI & Oak View Group tapped global powerhouse Outfront Media to take these assets to market. “Working with ESI & OVG on this project has been a fantastic collaboration. ESI created a highly functional operational structure for us to take to our premium brands with campaigns that highlight the unique exclusivity of three synchronized marquees while capitalizing on the ties to the Arena and community,” said Bryan Canley, General Manager, Outfront Los Angeles.

The end result: incredible exposure accelerators that were utilized by Mexican singer DannyLux’s father to congratulate him on his performance at Coachella, a place down the highway where he himself once picked up trash. Not only does this messaging speak to the emotive impact of OOH but also set up DannyLux and Acrisure Arena for massive earned media coverage. Pictures of the marquees with this powerful message popped up throughout the Metaverse and in publications like Rolling Stone and Mitú generating impactful coverage prior to DannyLux’s new upcoming album release.

“The reciprocity these assets facilitate with strategic partnering is exponential and drives brand lift for both advertisers and Arena when crafted with the intentional alignment of purpose and place, “Ariana continued. “The public has become organically invested in the unfolding of both DannyLux’s story and Acrisure Arena’s story and that is why we do what we do”.

EMI Strategies (ESI) is a commercial strategy consulting firm specializing in integrated media for sports, entertainment, and commercial development. With expertise in creating revenue driven programs, ESI has curated some of the most influential and impactful media assets in the nation. ESI develops value solutions that integrate into complex organizations to create diverse and self-sustaining projects that enhance properties and team offerings to the partnership marketplace. Helmed by Rod Wilson and Ariana Diverio, ESI provides consulting for complete facilitation: from strategic development to government relations and entitlements, go-to-market planning and infrastructure systems; ESI is a true ownership representative.

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG