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1604 Broadway, A Multifaceted Culinary and Nightlife Experience Debuts In the Heart of Times Square In New York City
1604 Broadway, A Multifaceted Culinary and Nightlife Experience Debuts In the Heart of Times Square In New York City

The New, Four Level Venue From Nightlife connoisseur Paul Brown and Latin Music Veteran Pedro Zamora Seeks to Redefine New York Nightlife for Locals and Tourists Alike

NEW YORK, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, 1604 Broadway, a new culinary, entertainment and nightlife venue debuts in the heart of Times Square from forces in the NYC nightlife and Latin Music Industries, Paul Brown and Pedro Zamora. The two have come together to unveil the four-level space that houses three unique food concepts and a nightclub all rooted in Latin music, cuisine and entertainment. 

Brown, a prominent figure in the New York City nightlife scene for over 20 years, boasts a wealth of experience due to his involvement in legendary venues such as Sound Factory, Crobar, Centro-Fly, and HK Hall. His passion for creating unforgettable experiences materializes within the walls of 1604 Broadway and each concept it houses. Zamora, a Latin entertainment and nightlife guru boasts over three decades in the music industry, consistently elevating the Latin entertainment sphere with unparalleled excellence and has served as an incubator for emerging talent that have gone on to become some of the biggest stars in music.

At 1604 Broadway, every moment is an opportunity for celebration, every dish a tribute to culture, and every beat a testament to the enduring spirit of Latin music. With its multifaceted offerings and unwavering commitment to excellence, 1604 Broadway stands poised to redefine the vibrant culinary and nightlife landscape of New York City.

As we unveil 1604 Broadway, we’re igniting a beacon of Latin culture in the heart of New York City. Each corner of this space shows our commitment to showcasing the vibrant spirit of Latin music and entertainment,” says Pedro Zamora, founder, CEO and Chairman of Zamora. “With 1604 Broadway, we’re not just offering an experience; we’re inviting guests to immerse themselves in a celebration of heritage, creativity, and joy.”

Spearheaded by seasoned hospitality operator Josiah Salerno, 1604 Broadway promises an unforgettable experience that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences from all walks of life. It’s creating an entirely new platform that will redefine the very essence of entertainment in the heart of Times Square.

“Our goal is to create more than just a venue; we want to curate an unforgettable celebration of Latin culture that resonates with locals and tourists alike— from the quick-service gourmet bites of Broadway Pizza & Bites to the immersive theatrical experience of Circo Restaurant & Nightclub,” says Salerno, Director of Venue Operations & Development.

Step into the heart of 1604 Broadway and embark on an interactive entertainment experience across four levels and three distinctive concepts including an all day cafe, a restaurant and club, and a pizza place, helmed by two celebrity chefs— Chef Darryl Harmon and Chef Ricardo Cardona with over twenty years of experience in the culinary field.

Broadway Pizza & Bites: Located on the ground floor, Broadway Pizza & Bites beckons guests with its array of gourmet bites and artisanal pizzas. Perfect for the busy New Yorker or the curious tourist, this quick-service venue invites people to grab a drink, enjoy a bite, and let the infectious energy of Times Square fuel their day.

Circo Restaurant & Nightclub: Ascend to the second and third levels to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Circo. Here, dining transcends mere sustenance and transforms into an unforgettable theatrical experience. Against the backdrop of live artistic performances and pulsating Latin beats, every dish tells a story of heritage and artistry. As night falls, Circo’s nightclub comes alive with world-class DJs, live artists, and premium bottle service, setting the stage for an evening of unparalleled revelry and celebration.

Palma Verde: Journey to the fourth floor and discover Palma Verde, an oasis of refined dining and relaxation. From sunrise breakfasts to sunset dinners, indulge in a culinary voyage that seamlessly melds with the vibrant energy of a weekend nightclub. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or a sophisticated dining experience, Palma Verde promises to delight discerning palates at any hour of the day.

Hours of Operation:

  • Broadway Pizza & Bites:
    • Sun.-Thurs: 10 am- 11 pm
    • Fri./Sat.: 10 am- 10 pm/ 2 am- 5 am
  • Circo Restaurant & Nightclub:
    • Tues.-Sat. (Dinner): 4:30 pm- 11 pm
    • Sun. (Brunch): 11 am – 5 pm
  • Palma Verde:
    • Mon.-Sun.: 9 am- 11 pm
    • Mon. (Nightlife): 9 pm – 3 am
    • Fri./Sat. (Nightlife): 11 pm- 4 am

1604 Broadway

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