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Truck Hudson @ Productively Stoned

Saturday Night Live could use the talents of comedian Truck Hudson

NY, US, July 7, 2022 / — If you have not been following Truck Hudson you’re missing out. He’s a really funny and a brilliant actor.

Truck Hudson performed at Productively Stoned, which is a show produced by Jordan Rock and Reginald Thomas. The show was great and filled with talent, but Truck really stood out. He stands about 6′ tall and is built like belongs on the line for the NY Giants. The NY native is witty and hilarious. He shocked and amazed that night at the stand.

My club started following him on social media and noticed this guy sings and does impressions. Truck is extremely talented and should audition for Lorne Michaels (creator and producer of SNL). Follow Truck Hudson’s IG (Instagram) to view his hilarious Impressions. Check out his animated sketch comedy special on FreeVee and Tubi. You won’t be disappointed.

Truck Hudson also has a radio show on Comedy Beast Radio.

Hopefully you get a chance to catch Truck Hudson on the NY comedy Scene, you would like to see him on Saturday Night Live.

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The Truck Hudson Show, An Animated Sketch Special

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