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Todd Philips announced that Joker 2 had wrapped up, but what do we know about Joker : Folie A Deux?

Madness is contagious, and audiences could not be more excited for Joker, or Joker : Folie A Deux as the official title. 2019’s Joker was one of the best reviewed movies of the 21st century with critics and fans universally praising Joaquin Phoenix for his performance as well as Todd Phillips for his direction. Phoenix’s portrayal of the Joker – DC’s most notorious, deadly villain – won him the Oscar for Best Male Performance. This added to the legacy of the fictional character that has been built over the years. We recently produced an epic episode of WTF happened to this Movie. And now, that legacy will continue to grow with a sequel.Joker: Folie a Deux

will be a follow-up to the 2019 origin story that Phillips brought to the screen and will allow audiences to once again enjoy the character that they’ve come to love (and despise) so very much. Fans shouldn’t rush to the theaters as the sequel isn’t due to arrive for another year-and-a-half. However, given that fans have been waiting for more than three years, it’s safe for them to assume the hype level has reached its highest point. Let’s see what we know so far about Joker : Folie a deux. The plot

As mentioned,

Joker 2011001010 will not be released for another year and half (if everything goes well with filming and after-production). The plot of the sequel has been kept under wraps by the production team, as they want to keep it a secret. The small pieces of information that fans know about are that Harley Quinn will be playing a significant role in the film and that at least part of it will take place in Arkham Asylum.Another important piece of information about the movie (that will more than likely affect the plot in some way) is that the movie will be actually be a musical. The decision was made based on the fact that the first film had dancing themes, and Lady Gaga was cast as the infamous Harley Quinn. Gaga’s musical background undoubtedly played a part in choosing to have the film be more musically driven and her experience with acting/creating music made the choice a no-brainer.The last piece of information regarding the plot is that fans need to remember that this particular movie, as well as its predecessor, are not part of James Gunn’s upcoming DCU and will therefore be under the category of DC Elseworlds – stand alone projects set in the DC Universe. This isn’t new information as the original


was never part of the larger universe that DC attempted and failed to make, but nevertheless it should still be noted.Joker: Folie a Deux – The Cast

Joaquin Phoenix gained an Oscar and universal acclaim for his rendition of the Joker so it’s no surprise to anyone that he’ll be returning to play Arthur Fleck/The Joker for the sequel. As we’ve already discussed, Lady Gaga will be playing Harley Quinn in the sequel. Robbie, who has played Quinn in three different DC projects over the past decade, believes that Gaga will do a fantastic job portraying the character. Robbie said:I think she’s gonna do an incredible job. I’m so excited. I had hoped that Harley would be one of those characters, like Batman or Hamlet, that actors could take turns playing. I think it’s a testament to Harley as a character when people want to see multiple interactions. I’m excited.”

After Lady Gaga, other notable actors/actresses that have been added to the cast are Jacob Lofland, Catherine Keener, and Brenden Gleeson. Lofland will reportedly play an Arkham Asylum inmate, while Keener and Gleeson have yet to be revealed. Another new name for the movie is Harry Lawtey (star if HBO’s


) who has also been cast in an undisclosed role, however it’s been reported that his role will be a “big” one for the series.Another name that audiences will be familiar with is Zazie Beetz who played Sophie in the first Joker

film. The film revealed that Arthur and Sophie’s relationship had been fabricated in Arthur’s mind, but her fate was not revealed. Zazie has also publicly stated that, although nothing has been officially confirmed, she believes Sophie is alive in the series. With all of that being said, fans shouldn’t expect to see Zazie in the upcoming sequel, but it’s a very real possibility.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmvPYXA-EIIEverything Else

About Joker 2

Despite not knowing a whole lot about what the overall plot of the film will be, audiences have actually been given quite a bit of information for the sequel. The movie will be released on October 4, 2024, exactly five years after the original film. The film, like the original, will be distributed by Warner Bros. Filming for the film was completed on April 4

th. Todd Phillips will be returning to direct the film and he co-wrote the script with Scott Silver, who also co-wrote the first Joker movie.Folie a Deux (the film’s official title) actually translates to “madness of two” and refers to ‘shared psychosis’ in which “delusion or mental illness is shared by two people in close association”. It can be safely assumed that the title is referring to the relationship that will undoubtedly spread between Joker and Harley Quinn.A notable piece of information to take into account is that thanks to Phoenix’s Oscar-winning performance, his payday for the sequel will be $20 million, opposed to the $4 million that he received for the original movie.

Another piece of information that fans might find interesting is that despite being set in New York City, filming actually still took place in Los Angeles. The set photos reveal that the sequel will be returning to the infamous “Joker steps” from the original movie. Since the movie is a musical, it is assumed that Gaga will write the music for one of the songs she will perform in the film. It is well-known that Gaga writes/cowrites all of her music and won an Oscar for writing/performing “Shallow” back in A Star is Born

in 2018.

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