Watch2Earn enables an earn feature for watching streaming content

Among various concepts such as P2E (Play to earn) and M2E (Move to earn), Screena is pioneering the emerging market with W2E (watch to earn).

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 16, 2022 / — Is Screena opening the era of Watch and earn?
Screena W2E(watch to earn) officially launches on June 24th

What if you can watch your favorite movies and dramas and earn at the same time? Screena, the team behind the Watch2Earn movement, has announced the official launch of the W2E (watch to earn) feature on June 24th, enabling users to watch content and earn crypto assets at the same time.

Screena, the developer and operator of ‘Watch Party’ social watching extension and an NFT project, started to build the foundation for its Watch2Earn vision with the launch of its Watch Party OTT service in November 2020. Originally, Watch Party provided simple chatting and synchronized content streaming functions for a social watching experience, but the solution has grown with several viral watch parties, where more than 4,000 people gathered to participate in watch2earn events, such as a chocolate giveaway party for watching the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and a potato party where the audience received a box of potatoes after watching ‘The Martian’.

Following its enthusiastic reception, Screena launched an NFT project with the Watch2Earn vision in November 2021. More than 3,000 global crypto users joined in 50 events to receive whitelist spots and NFTs simply by watching movies instead of customary grinding missions. And through word of mouth, SNS followers grew by 59% even after the NFT sale (As of June 22, 22).

Watch2Earn (Watch to earn) or W2E is a system that combines content watching with an earn function. Whilst Screena has been holding various watch parties where users can watch content and chat with other audiences online, the prizes had to be given manually. But with the official launch of Watch2Earn, users will be able to directly receive rewards such as POAPs, NFTs, and points by simply watching content, and gain an access to an exclusive community based on their watch2earn activity.

With various concepts such as P2E (Play to earn) and M2E (Move to earn), Screena is pioneering the emerging market with W2E (watch to earn). To celebrate the official launch of W2E, Screena will hold a Gleam Contest with various prizes including The Sandbox coin SAND.

In addition, on June 24th, a Watch2Earn event will be held for Netflix content <Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area>. The participants will be able to join in the Watch2Earn event by clicking the W2E button on the Screena official website

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