Barbie Ferreira Speaks On Being Fired From Euphoria 3

Barbie Ferreira announced that it was the end of an era for her character Kat in Euphoria, but followers were not quite surprised. But what did she really reveal about not being in Euphoria season 3? Were all those nasty rumors about the show actually true? And what was the real reason she actually got fired?

Obviously, Kat was a very pivotal character in season one of Euphoria with a lot of time given to Kat’s cam girl and body positivity plot. Barbie also spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Kat’s dual life in the series, where she’s ignored or picked on in high school but has a big online following as a fan fiction writer and eventually a cam girl saying, “That’s an extension of herself that she doesn’t want to mix with real life; she wants to keep it separate, because she’s scared if she mixes it, it will all go downhill.”


This news story originally appeared at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic on 23 December 2022