Ariana Grande Reveals How Jennette McCurdy Was Treated On Nickelodeon

It may look like a pretty awesome job to work for Nickelodeon, and while it is indeed awesome, there are also some nasty things that happen behind the scenes. Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande understand that all too well and they have been dishing! So, what exactly did Jennette go through at Nickelodeon? And did Ariana chip in about her experience?

At the time Ariana and Jennette were working at Nickelodeon, they were amazing and fans were always looking forward to their shows. Unsurprisingly, after the success of their respective shows, Victorious and iCarly, Ariana and Jennette got their own spinoff show, Sam & Cat, but after just one season on the air, the show was canceled. Considering Ariana and Jennette were both fantastic, fans really wondered what exactly happened behind the scenes. And the answer to that is a lot!

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This news story originally appeared at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic on 1 October 2022