The Curse of K.K. Hammond Announces Special Halloween Pre-Sale For New Album “Death Roll Blues”

K.K. Hammond is recognized as the “Queen of Horror Blues” music. Her 2023 album release, “Death Roll Blues” goes on Pre-Sale this Monday, October 31st.

My lyrics tend to be pretty dark and unsettling at times, and I felt this was the perfect springboard to launch myself into making horror themed music videos to […]


Pete Davidson Claps Back At Kim Kardashian For Rejecting His Proposal

Pete Davidson ClapsBack At Kim Kardashian For Rejecting His Proposal Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dominated the tabloids for the nine months they were together, but according to followers, as always, the relationship was just another Kardashian-PR move! So, did Kim really reject Pete’s proposal right before she broke up with him? And, did Pete […]